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Tseng/Elena fic [Mar. 23rd, 2006|11:28 am]
Celebrating the real heroes of Final Fantasy VII


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I have written this fic for 30_lemons here on LJ and thought I would share it...
Title: Bills
Characters: Tseng, Elena, Rufus
Pairing: Tseng/Elena
Worksafe or Not Worksafe: Not Worksafe, it's lemon
Summary: Rufus wonders why Turks spend so much on phone bills...

Notes: thoughts, Elena, Tseng

"You called for me, Sir?" Tseng entered Rufus' office, being called there by his slightly annoyed sounding boss.

"Care to explain this?" Rufus tossed some papers towards him. Tseng looked them over. They looked like bills. His eyebrow rose.

"I don't understand."

"You should," Rufus practically growled. "Those bills are payments for Turks' cell phones. Could you tell me how in the hell Turks manage to spend as much money on them as all of other departments put together?"

That was an exageration of course, but looking over the numbers, not by much. Here comes the hard part, Tseng thought. He couldn't tell Rufus truth, not the whole truth.

You're pulling me closer, your lips are so hot against mine and your tongue is invading my mouth and I moan deep in my throat as I feel you so hard and tightly pressed against me...

"With the recent crisis with Avalanche," Tseng began.

Now we're already naked and you are playing with my breasts, rolling the nipples and then you bend your head and suck at them and I'm pulling your hair, those gorgeous long black hair and it spills over your shoulders and it's like silk against my skin and I want more of you

"My Turks have been travelling all around the planet trying to catch them."

Oh, Tseng, it feels sooo good. What do you feel? Tell me now, tell me what you want...

"They report to me through their cell phones and sometimes it takes longer because of their unique natures."

You're down on your knees now and your sucking on me trying to make me come, your velvety tongue caressing the length of me and I feel it's going to happen soon but I want to be inside you when I come so I tug at your hair and you know what I want, my little Turk, don't you?


"Rude is precise in his reports, true professional. Reno is more lax, I have to prompt him for details that might be important. And Elena..."

I push you against the wall and then probe you with my finger. You're so tight and wet... I rub your clitoris and you're shaking with desire so I enter you quickly and we both cry out...

"Elena is still slightly self-conscious about being a rookie so she includes too many details and I have to sort through them."

I feel you moving inside me and, god, it's pure bliss as you withdraw and then push back, going faster and harder and I lock my legs around your waist to get you as deep as possible and when you flick your fingers across my clit I lose it and scream in extasy... Tseng!

"Some of those calls can take up to nearly an hour. With them reporting nearly every day, it is possible..."

I'm watching as you come and it's driving me crazy. I'm pounding into you now as you are clenching around me, your orgasm one of the hottest things I have seen, your mouth opened in scream and your hair tousled as you whip your head around and your tiny hands are fixed on my shoulders and with a final push I come spilling into you and my cry echoes through the room as we come to a still, breathing hard, sweat coming down our bodies as we cool down.

"...that the bills are as high as they are. That is the only possible answer."

"Very well," Rufus said. "I would recommend that you let the Turks breathe a little. There is no need for them to report everything. Only have them report when something important happens."

"Yes, sir."

Tseng made his way back to his office. He closed the door and after a brief thought locked them. Just as he sat down at his desk, his cell phone rang. He picked up.


"This is Elena, sir. I have a report."

Tseng sat more comfortable and undid his pants.

"I'm listening."

"I miss you," she said in husky voice. "I've just been imagining that you are with me in this room watching me to undress..."


[User Picture]From: shahni
2006-03-23 05:26 pm (UTC)
... that just made me giggle so much. Elena, you naughty, pretty thing you. >D Very cute and ..kinky. *snickers*
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