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ShinRa Ink

Turks Unlimited and More

Celebrating the real heroes of Final Fantasy VII
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Welcome to Shinra_Ink, a community for fans of ShinRa’s Department of Administrative Research, or Turks for short. Here, we celebrate the real heroes of Final Fantasy 7, the brave, the loyal and extremely hard to kill.

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Why ShinRa?

The purpose of this community is to create a place for fans of Final Fantasy VII’s Turks (and ShinRa Company!). Here, ShinRa’s dedicated slaves fans can share fan works as well as ask questions and have discussion.

Basically we are here to facilitate the shameless squeeing over our favorite boys (and girls) in black.

A word to the wise:

Keep in mind that if you have not seen Advent’s Children, played through Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis, it’s very likely that YOU WILL BE SPOILED. The majority of our content will be behind LJ cuts, but there is a chance you may catch something you didn’t want to know. It is recommended that you either finish watching/playing through all available canon material before adding us to your friends list.

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To keep things running smoothly for all, we ask that you follow the community rules. Any violations should be reported to the community moderators.

1. First and foremost, this is a Turks community. Any fanfic, art or discussion must be based around these characters.
1a. Turk characters are defined as follows: Tseng, Reno, Rude & Elena from the original game; Members of the Turks from Before Crisis, including Veld and the player characters; Vincent Valentine, as he’s a former Turk; Rufus ShinRa and his old man, considering they were in direct command of the Turks.
1b. Other exceptions are as follows: Other ShinRa employees, such as Reeve, Scarlet, Palmer and Heidegger; Original characters written as Turks.

You may write a pairing story with a Turk paired with a non-Turk. You may write gen fic with other characters, but a Turk character must play a major role.

2. You MUST place all not worksafe material behind an LJ cut! Not sure if it’s safe for work or not? Imagine your boss/teacher standing over your shoulder. Would you want this person to know you’re looking at this? Please be courteous to those of us who check our friends lists at work.
2a. You may not use LJ icons that are not work safe either.

3. All images over 300x300 must be LJ cut. All fanfics must be cut regardless of length. Icons are welcome, but use a cut if you have 3 or more to share.

4. Do not use odd formating/giant text/etc that stretches the page.

5. Do not post spam (spam is defined as anything that does not follow the guidelines given in rule 1). Do not post quiz results unless it is part of a discussion. In that case, it must be behind a cut. Mods reserve the right to delete such posts if they do not fit this exception.

6. Respect each other and refrain from insulting each other. Constructive critisizm is encouraged here, but flaming is not.

7. We allow pretty much anything Turk or ShinRa related. There will be people posting yaoi, yuri, het and gen. When labeling your work, we only really require that you tell us what it is, and whether or not it’s worksafe or not. Anything else is up to you. Remember, you’ll draw more interest to your fanwork if you specify the pairing and genre before the cut.

When posting fic/art/essays, you may use this format:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Worksafe or Not Worksafe:

8. Fake LJ cuts that lead back to friends locked posts will be deleted. Posts with comments disabled will also be deleted.

9. You must abide by Live Journal’s ToS (kinda no-brainer here).

10. Have fun. :-p

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