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Since whoever runs 1sentence is taking a while to go through all… - ShinRa Ink [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Celebrating the real heroes of Final Fantasy VII

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[Mar. 9th, 2006|12:18 pm]
Celebrating the real heroes of Final Fantasy VII
[Current Mood |coldcold]

Since whoever runs 1sentence is taking a while to go through all the claims, I'm posting mine here until I'm allowed to post it over there. :-p

Title: Are you cold?
Pairing: Tseng/Elena
Summary: One special night.
To be safe, I'll say this is NOT Worksafe. Very vague descriptions of naughties.

#32 – Farewells
Elena said goodnight to her co-workers and retired to her room for the night.

#43 – Search
Her fingers searched for the matches in the drawer.

#19 – Candle
Walking over to her night table, she struck a match and lit a candle; they were told to conserve power at night.

#23 – Fire
Tseng’s body was beautiful in the fire light as he lay on the bed; he had been waiting there for her since he finished his work for the day.

#50 – Breathe
She ran her fingertips across his soft skin, sometimes forgetting to breathe when she reminded herself that he actually wanted to be with her in return.

#12 - Temptation
Her touch was too much a temptation for him, so he grabbed her firmly by the waist and pulled her down over him.

#08 - Cold
“Are you cold?” he asked softly, his warm breath whisping against her ear.

#30 – Body
“A little,” she replied, her hand skimming little circles across his skin, memorizing her lover’s body with her fingers.

#03 - Memory
Their bodies were marked with the memories of their ordeal together: scars they both shared.

#11 - Midnight
His black eyes, cold as midnight, were heated for her.

#22 – Journey
It had been a long journey to get to the place they were now, and Elena swore to herself that she would never take for granted the man who had finally opened up to her.

#24 - Strength
Tseng’s hands were strong and calloused, but it was remarkable how gentle they felt as they played upon her body.

#40 - Whisper
“Are you warmer now?”

#15 - Silk
“Not yet,” she said, her lips smooth as she kissed him.

#17 - Promise
“You will be,” he murmured in between kisses.

#13 - View
He slowly pulled the silken nightgown from her body.

#35 – Fever
Her skin became flushed with warmth from his touches and strokes; he was a man of his word.

#18 - Dream
His real, solid touch was better than her most vivid fantasies; she used to wake up aroused thinking of him.

#46 – Gravity
She was on top of him, straddled and sinking down until they were fully joined.

#29 – Dance
They danced together, the candle light making their damp skin glow.

#33 – World
Her world revolved around him during these moments.

#14 – Music
She listened close to every breath, every sigh, every moan that he made, harmonizing with his cries in a passionate chorus.

#20 - Talent
Oh, the things he could do with his tongue….

#39 - Overwhelmed

#07 - Wings
She felt light enough to fly.

#38 - Forever
She wanted to remember the look on his face forever.

#27 – Fall
She fell into his waiting arms.

#21 - Silence
It was quiet except for their heavy breathing.

#31 – Sacred
These little moments after their lovemaking were special, each basking in the other’s heat.

#36 - Laugh
“I’m warm,” she laughed, tilting her head towards his neck for a nuzzle.

#10 - Drink
“I knew you would be,” he said, turning to meet her soft lips, her taste like the finest spiced wine.

#28 – Forgotten
Elena indulged in his warmth, grateful that he had the ability to make her forget her pain and focus her world solely on him.

#16 - Cover
He pulled the blankets over them to preserve the warmth they radiated.

#37 - Lies
“Are we going to tell the others?” she said, propping herself up on her elbows and looking at him thoughtfully.

#41 – Wait
“They know; they’re just waiting for us to tell them.”

#48 – Unknown
“Then what happens next?” she asked with uncertainty.

#04 – Box
Tseng reached over and without disturbing his lover, he pulled a small box from the night table and placed it in her hands.

#25 – Mask
His usual mask of calm was all but melted away, that small, special smile on his face was eager for her to open it.

#26 - Ice
A ring—delicate and radiant, a small diamond set atop a gold band.

#06 – Hurricane
Her heart was racing and the small box shook with her unsteady hands.

#02 – Hero
“Will you?” he asked simply, wanting to be the one to protect and cherish her for a lifetime.

#09 - Red
“Yes,” she breathed, her cheeks tinted with scarlet.

#49 – Lock
He carefully watched her, taking note of every word, feeling and sound, to lock it away in his memory forever.

#05 – Run
She felt like her heart would run right out of her chest as she took the ring from the box.

#45 – Eclipse
As she slid it on her finger, the gem’s inner fire seemed to eclipse even the candle light in the room.

#47 – Highway
Their eyes met again, confident the path they chose would be fulfilling if they walked down it together.

#44 - Hope
She had every hope their future would bring them closer together with many more passionate moments to remember.

#42 – Talk
They lay in bed, warm bodies pressed close, and talked for hours until they both fell asleep.

#01 – Ring
The golden ring sparkled on her finger as the candle by the window burned out.

From: sleepykelvina
2006-03-09 07:01 pm (UTC)
I have such a soft spot for this pairing. Glad you enjoyed.
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